Let’s stay calm, caring, connected, and committed as we weather this time together!

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Send a note to our children, parents, or teachers. 

Please do this! Want to share a message of thanks, of hope, a funny joke to keep us smiling? If your child would like to draw us a picture, send it to us. We do school and classroom online gatherings and would love to read notes from our extended family. We all need encouragement. Once we’re re-opened, we can print and post these letters throughout the center. You can mail it to our center or email a message to dbenson@jubileejumpstart.org Subject: “To JJS With Love”

Stimulus-based giving

This is an idea from one of our donors like you. If you or your family are receiving stimulus money from the recent congressional bill, please use every cent of it to help pay for your own needs. If you don’t need it, or all of it, consider Jubilee JumpStart.

We are all in this together so might also suggest you think about splitting this gift between us and some of our partners helping families that are struggling, like Greater DC Diaper Bank (greaterdcdiaperbank.org) or Platform of Hope (platformofhopedc.org).

Doing something BIG!

Stepping up in a time of crisis is the BIG thing – not the amount. You can join our Classroom Heroes leadership program or consider becoming a $25, $35, or $50 monthly donor. Give at a level that you can, at this moment. Whatever you can do, it’s deeply valued. You can donate online at https://www.jubileejumpstart.org/donate-online/

Learn more about our Classroom Heroes by contacting Dee Dee at dwright@jubileejumpstart.org.

Take good care and cut yourself a little slack.

Now is a very tough time and big challenges still lay ahead. We know that in your heart you would love to contribute. Maybe you’re furloughed or lost your job. Maybe you’re supporting family members or neighbors. We understand. Thank you for everything you’ve done to help Jubilee JumpStart grow and thrive so that we are ready for this moment. Take good care, cut yourself some slack and know that we care for you as part of our JJS family. We will come through this together and stronger for our children and our community.

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