Why is Jubilee JumpStart Special?

What We Know About the Needs of Young Children
Research tells us that the first few years of life are critical in building the foundation for intellectual, language, emotional, social and physical development.

Children who live in poverty, who are exposed to violence in their homes or communities, have parents with mental health or substance abuse problems, or who themselves have health or developmental difficulties are at an increased risk of poor outcomes during their early years and far beyond.

Research confirms that early brain development has a profound impact on what we should be doing for very young children. A newborn’s brain is about 25% the size of an adult’s brain, but by age three it reaches 80% and by age five, 90%. The brain’s very architecture is affected by the experiences the child has.

To be ready for school, children need to develop strong language and literacy skills, thinking skills, self-control, and self-confidence.

Access to high quality early care and education has a significant impact in closing the achievement gap for children in under-resourced families. Investments in high quality early childhood services can produce major dividends in higher high school graduation and college attendance rates, higher income and status rates, and fewer social costs to our society.*

How We Meet the Needs of Young Children
Jubilee JumpStart is located in Washington D.C.’s busy Adam’s Morgan community. This diverse neighborhood is home to families who often experience great financial need. The majority of the families who enroll in our programs receive subsidized funding to cover all or part of their tuition, while some families pay full tuition.  This ensures a socio-economically diverse environment that enriches the lives of all involved.

Our learning program was designed with a high staff-to-child ratio in mind: 1 to 3 for infants and toddlers and 1 to 6 for preschoolers.  This ensures that each child is provided the intensive attention required for a strong start in life.

Jubilee JumpStart uses the nationally known, research-based Creative Curriculum.  The Creative Curriculum was developed by Teaching Strategies, Inc., which is an organization based in Bethesda, Maryland with whom Jubilee JumpStart has a strategic partnership. Teaching Strategies has selected Jubilee JumpStart to become a model center, and is in regular contact with our center’s staff and children.

The Creative Curriculum includes an online assessment system designed to monitor each child’s development and to help his/her teachers provide appropriate learning experiences at the right time. Additionally, the curriculum integrates Learning Games, a series of teacher-child and parent-child learning experiences, that build a bridge between home and center.

Jubilee JumpStart’s focus on early language and literacy is enhanced by having at least one English and one Spanish-speaking teacher in each classroom. This dual language approach serves as a bridge for the many immigrant families whose children attend the program and helps honor and support the child’s home language and culture.

*(Source: Center on the Developing Child – Harvard and ZERO TO THREE)