High Quality Education Program

Two Languages. A World of Possibilities.
At Jubilee JumpStart we offer a dual-language (English-Spanish) learning environment in which children are exposed to both languages throughout the school day as they participate in a variety of educational activities. Half of Jubilee JumpStart’s teachers are fluent Spanish speakers, and exposure to multiple languages has been shown to have a highly stimulative effect on young children’s cognitive and linguistic development. This ensures individualized and responsive care, stable and consistent relationships between children and caregivers, and an enriched focus on language development.

A Curriculum Model with Proven Success
In guiding both center and home-based programs, Jubilee JumpStart uses the Creative Curriculum. The Creative Curriculum assesses children’s progress in four areas– Emotional, Physical, Cognitive, and Language–using its computerized GOLD developmental assessment tool. In each area, staff members observe and record progress made along a developmental continuum for each individual child. Pictures, written observations, and samples of the child’s work help both to document the child’s developmental stage and to assist the teacher in customizing appropriate activities.

NAEYC Accredited
Jubilee JumpStart is happy to announce that our center is now accredited by the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC). Centers pursuing NAEYC accreditation must meet 80% or more of the 10 NAEYC Early Childhood Program Standards set forth by the accrediting body. Jubilee JumpStart is proud to have met 100% of NAEYC’s ten program criteria, and between 97% and 99% of criteria set forth for classroom curriculum and operations. We would like to thank our management, our teaching staff and the distinguished members of our Board for the tireless commitment they’ve all devoted to this wonderful process.

If you would like to learn more about the programs we offer for children ages six weeks to pre-kindergarten, please contact our office using the following information: 

Phone: (202) 506-4607 

Email: info@jubileejumpstart.org.