Meet Our Staff

Dee Dee Parker Wright is Jubilee JumpStart’s Executive Director. In addition to managing the daily operations of our nonprofit childcare center, she also leads the organization’s fundraising and community engagement efforts. Dee Dee brings more than twenty years experience to her role as Executive Director, including 12 years with Head Start and four years with Child Protective Services. Dee Dee joined Jubilee JumpStart in 2011.

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Our administrative team manages various facets of our daily operations at Jubilee JumpStart. The team includes:

Barbara Brooks Gumes, Director of Program Operations
Directs matters related to organizational policies and procedures, education partnerships, and regulatory compliance and affairs.


Dominique Spencer, Director of Education Services
Oversees matters regarding curriculum implementation and development as well as classroom operations


Brenda Balcarcel, Business Operations Manager
Manages day to day center operations to include support in managing student records and registration, human resource services, payroll and accounts payable


Thomasina Millner, Education Coach
Mentors and supports teachers, supports curriculum development and implementation


Patricia Hernandez, Family and Community Engagement Manager
Manages family support services, parenting groups, community partnerships and resources


Danica Benson, Resource Development Coordinator
Supports fundraising and community engagement


Our teaching staff is a skilled, highly-qualified group of professionals. Each teacher is well-versed in Washington DC’s state-mandated regulations for early childhood education, and all are committed to continuing education.

While city operating standards require two teachers per classroom, our standard is three fulltime teachers in each classroom during core classroom hours. Our classroom teams consist of one lead teacher, an associate teacher and an assistant teacher (infants, toddlers and twos) or one lead teacher, two assistant teachers and a part-time aide (Pre-K).

We are proud to employ several bilingual teachers and encourage the use of Spanish in each classroom.

Our Lead Teachers are:

    • Asela De La Luz, Lead Teacher – Infants
    • Maribel Villalta, Toddlers
    • Shaquita Gant, Younger Twos
    • Nancy Martinez, Older Twos
    • Natasha Johnson, Pre-K3 & Pre-K