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Transitioning Out of Jubilee JumpStart

What Every JJS Parent Needs to Know about Transitioning to Kindergarten or Other Pre-K Programs:

Children age out of our Infant/Toddler program when they turn three years old.  This means that all children must transition to Pre-K at Jubilee JumpStart or to an external program for the school year immediately following their 3rd birthday. Because Jubilee JumpStart's program capacity is limited to 16 students, and to address the more urgent need for Pre-K3 availability in our city, we do not guarantee any currently enrolled Pre-K students a space in our Pre-K4 program prior to the close of the new school year enrollment period.


Jubilee JumpStart strongly encourages you to start planning for this important transition and apply for the annual MySchool DC lottery if your child will turn three years old before September 31st (for Tree Frogs/Toucans) and again if your child will turn four or five years old before September 31st (for Tigers). See dates for applying for the lottery and Jubilee JumpStart's Pre-K program under The Transition Timeline below. 

The Transition Timeline

When and Where to Begin

Navigating the Transition Process

Most Recent Covid Policy Updates

Exiting the Program

Planning your child's last day at Jubilee JumpStart:

Joining the Jubilee JumpStart Alumni Cohort:

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