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Back to School

We're looking ahead with renewed vision and commitment.

We're Back to School for Year 2022

After a hot, full summer and a week off for classroom prep, family home visits, and professional development we're back in business and welcoming children into their new classrooms for the 2022 school year.


During the summer families, teachers and administration came together to examine and improve our health and safety protocols to ensure the best possible measures are place to keep us all open and operating, connected and growing throughout the year. 

Our last week before beginning the 2022 school year, our staff and administration took time together to review lessons from SY 2021, to prepare for the expected and the unpredicted, to acknowledge our strengths and each others'. Now we're geared up and ready to go, full of hope and joy for the year ahead.

Here's what some of our teachers had to say

Teacher 1

Teacher 2

Teacher 3

What's NEW for SY 2022

Parents can enter to drop-off children.

School Year 2022 and YOU!

We're so glad you've decided to return to school with us. We look forward to a rewarding year of strength and growth even in the midst of the challenging times we're living in. We know from experience that your support of our mission and vision is what helps this vision become our reality. We can't thank you enough!

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