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Our Classroom Hero in the Spotlight

Updated: Mar 8, 2022

Spring is near and Jubilee JumpStart's season of naming and celebrating heroes is in full bloom. With our Heroes Ball just around the corner (May 18th at The Hamilton), we're on high alert for any and all heroes worthy of shouting out. We thought a NEW Classroom Hero Spotlight feature would be just the place to start.

Whose our first Classroom Hero in the spotlight? Meet Meghan Shea.

Classroom Hero and Board Member Meghan Shea

Meghan Shea is one of Jubilee JumpStart’s dynamically dependable supporters. Finding herself at the place in life and career where she could connect with the community in ways that add value to society, she began seeking opportunities to connect to causes concerned with children, education, and social justice. She was quickly matched with Jubilee JumpStart and wasted no time in getting involved. That was about a year ago. In that short time, she's had a super impact in our center and on our mission. She fits the bill of a Classroom Hero because her service to Jubilee JumpStart stretches beyond her charitable financial gifts. Here are some examples of how.

  • Meghan stays regularly engaged by volunteering her time and focus as a board member, on our governance committee, and as a management consultant. In these roles, she shares her executive leadership and HR expertise to help Jubilee JumpStart navigate various organizational challenges and reach growth and operational goals.

  • At times when there is a specific need, she is always one of the first to answer the call, even if that means rolling up her sleeves to help provide and serve a few hardworking and hungry teachers a much appreciated warm lunch.

  • We know that we can count on her to show up for our families with new or gently used and needed items.

  • She always knows just when to call for backup, enlisting her daughter and sidekick Grace, or signaling heroes in her network - friends, neighbors, and colleagues, to get in on the action.

These are just some of the ways Meghan demonstrates her belief in our mission and the impact of a community committed to strengthening families and caregivers of the most vulnerable in our population - young children.

What next for Meghan and Jubilee JumpStart? Here's what she had to say. “I look forward to representing Jubilee JumpStart in the professional community and introducing others to our work and impact. I know the impact that investing in people can have on a community. For example, I’ve seen in business the value that leadership investing in women can add to an industry. How transformative it is for our communities when we invest in people in their earliest years."

Thanks, Meghan, for being such a super Classroom Hero!

Look out for more Classroom Heroes to come in our Classroom Heroes spotlight.

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