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The Story of Impact on the JJS Community

Updated: Dec 2, 2022

At the end of each year since 2011, I’ve written to you to share a little glimpse of the magic that happens here at Jubilee JumpStart. This year’s letter is the last one I’ll write as Executive Director. In this season of transition, I’m reflecting on the lasting imprint that Jubilee JumpStart makes on so many families who have been part of this community.

I was drawn to the founding vision of JJS: the highest quality of care for children who need it the most, caring for caregivers so that children grow up in happy, healthy environments, and building a structure of support to make the most of their critical early years. The greatest joy and impact I have experienced at JJS is working in partnership with you and our team to ensure all good things for our community of children and their grown-ups.

I've often said that “everyone grows at Jubilee JumpStart.” Some growth is fast and obvious while other growth is slow and steady, unnoticeable until one day we look back and our breath catches as the passage of years reveals that a child who was once an infant has grown tall and strong. That’s how I feel when I look back at the children and families I’ve known since my earliest days here – now so grown up.

Through this season of giving you will receive more stories in your inbox about how together we have been helping our children, families, and teachers grow. You'll be introduced to Tyrese, who was a baby when I came to JJS and is now in 7th grade. You'll meet Tai, Tyrese's mom, who provides an example of how dependable family support can help even parents grow. You'll learn from teacher Adriana the impact of meaningful support for professional development.

You hold an important and cherished part in Jubilee JumpStart’s history, and in our future. The stories of Tyrese, Tai, Kairo, Adriana, and others to come are stories that could not have been told – will not be told – without your support. You've been part of making all good things possible for our children and families along with our staff and center.

Have a powerful impact right now by becoming a Classroom Hero with a commitment to a $2500 gift in 2023. Click here to be redirected to the donation page on our website to get started. A direct connection with one of our classrooms will bring you so much joy in the year to come. You can check out the Classroom Heroes page on our website for more details.

I will carry countless stories in my heart that bring to life the uniquely loving and mission-driven way that JJS is changing the world…one child, one family, and one teacher at a time.

Gratefully, joyfully, and full of hope,

Dee Dee Parker Wright

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