Diverse Learning Environments



Our Hummingbirds class serves infants starting at six weeks old. By building deeply nurturing relationships with each infant, teachers promote healthy growth and development through routine caregiving and individualized lesson plans. Our teachers master the delicate blend of providing care and education in partnership with families.



Our Quetzals class is our toddler class serving children between 12 and 18 months at the start of the school year. Teachers focus on building a vocabulary that helps students express wants and needs. Toddlers are curious and full of energy, and learning is directed through play experiences based on individual needs and experiences.



Our Tree Frogs class is made up of the youngest of our two-year-olds. At two, these little ones are growing increasingly independent, seeking to explore on their own and meet their own needs. The Tree Frog teaching team provides daily opportunities to foster autonomy and relationships with their peers. Imitating and pretend play, block building, and music and movement are popular in this class.



Our Toucans room is home to our older two-year-olds, who are in transition from being toddlers and preschoolers. Toucans are focused on exploring and understanding how and why things are happening. They love learning through art experiences, cooking projects, putting things together, and taking them apart. Lesson plans are thoughtfully crafted to provide innovatively engaging opportunities for children to develop community and try various techniques for figuring things out.



Our Tigers class is a mixed-age preschool class. In this class three- and four-year-olds begin experiencing some of the structure of the elementary school. Tiger teachers help children develop self-regulation, problem-solving, and other school readiness skills through play-based learning that purposefully aligned with District of Columbia preschool and Pre-K standards. Our Tiger teachers skillfully balance care and instruction to meet group needs and individual child development goals.


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