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A Welcome "Rey" of Hope (and Help)

Updated: Oct 2, 2021

Don Bosco Cristo Rey Students Return to Jubilee JumpStart

The start of the new school year brings the welcome return of student interns from Don Bosco Cristo Rey High School (DBCR) - a local college-prep private school that empowers them through participation in a Corporate Work-Study Program each year until graduation.

Last year DBCR had to scale back the work-study program due to Covid. We are thrilled that, this year we are able to welcome four students a week into our center. Introductions, please...

Jessica - DBCR Class of 2022 (Tuesday)

At school, Jessica is most in her element in her physics class or learning more about the Afro-Latin diaspora. She values working with others for a common good and is planning a career in the medical field. "I like being around people," she says, "I like helping." Recalling her own early childhood experiences, Jessica expressed appreciation for Jubilee JumpStart's approach and hopes to learn more while here. In her spare time, Jessica is happiest on her roller skates, enjoying a neighborhood walk, or just spending time with her family.

Amy - DBCR Class of 2024 (Wednesday)

For Amy, this work-study opportunity provides a fresh look into the business of caring for young children. Having volunteered in childcare before, she appreciates the chance to support Jubilee JumpStart's administrative team while gaining valuable office experience. When not working and studying, Amy is participating in sports like cross country, soccer, softball, and swimming (her favorite). A math and science enthusiast, she's planning for a career as an architectural engineer or work in infrastructure; hopefully with a focus on creating and strengthening safe, welcoming spaces for young children.

Heather - DBCR Class of 2024 (Thursday)

Heather is grateful to attend a high school that gives each student great opportunities to invest in and prepare for their future. “The teachers are nice there, she says. “I feel that I am being pushed in a good way.” What does she see in her future? College first, then entrepreneurship. “My brother inspires me to own my own business. He always tells me, ‘be your own boss, make your own money.' That’s what I want for me, too.” She says that she really enjoys working with our children and seeing how it all happens. She is most likely on the soccer field when not working or studying.

Jesslyn – DBCR Class of 2023 (Friday)

Jesslyn finds spending time in our classrooms with our little ones “interesting but fun,” as it gives her an up-close look at what caring for children in their various early stages of development is like. This active and artsy junior loves painting, playing volleyball, listening to podcasts, and cosmetology. Jessica is a proud lefty who is pleased to be balancing school, work-study, and her other interests quite well.

We are thankful for our partnership with Don Bosco Cristo Rey High School and so honored to host such wonderful students. We looking forward to all that we will learn and accomplish together this school year.

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