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Enroll Your Child

What's next once you're accepted

1. Sign the Offer of Enrollment Letter

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You might have done this when you visited our office

Step 2. Schedule an intake appointment to complete subsidy application (as applicable)

Copy of Jubile JumpStart Visit Sept 2016

You will need to bring original documents that prove the following: 

  • Parent ID

  • DC Residency 

  • Need for Subsidy 

  • Income Verification

  • Child(ren)'s age and relationship to you (the applicant)

  • Child(ren)'s US citizenship 

A complete list of acceptable documents can be found on the OSSE website

Step 3. Fill out forms for your child's age group

In the Boxes below, we have both Jubilee and DC mandated forms for you to fill out. Make sure to go through both sets of forms. 

Infant, Toddler, Twos (IT2):

Jubilee Jumpstart Forms

DC Forms


Jubilee Jumpstart Forms

DC Forms

Step 4: Attend Orientation

All new and returning families are required to attend an orientation prior to the first day of enrollment. Orientation will provide a program overview, policy reviews, information about family engagement opportunities, and an opportunity to learn more about your child’s classroom from the teachers.

Step 5: Participate in a Home visit

All families will complete two home visits per year, with the first one scheduled prior to your child’s first day of enrollment. We value these home visits as a way to support and foster the parent/teacher relationship, resulting in stronger connections between home and center.

Copy of Jubilee JumpStart General Photos

Step 6: Confirm start date

All required paperwork must be submitted prior to a child’s start date. The start date provided in your offer letter is subject to change based on the status of required paperwork. 

Welcome to the Jubilee JumpStart Family!

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