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Become a Classroom Hero

Powerful Impact. Meaningful Connections. 

Jubilee JumpStart’s Classroom Heroes Program recognizes and connects our donors with an annual minimum gift of $2500 to the amazing things happening at the center in a special way. Witness the impact of your support This program is designed to give you direct access to our center and classroom experiences to see for yourself the impact of your support in the lives of Jubilee JumpStart children. 


What Heroes Get

  • Connected with a classroom of your choice, receiving regular updates on what’s happening and opportunities to virtually volunteer in your selected classroom.

  • Invited to special events and celebrations for the whole school.

  • Highlighted at the center outside your selected classroom, on our website and in our annual report.

What Heroes Do

  • Members of our Classroom Heroes change the lives of children by ensuring each child heads off to kindergarten confident, prepared, and excited for their new adventure!

  • As 67% of DC’s children arrive at kindergarten not ready to learn, you can be the difference maker for the children and families at Jubilee JumpStart.

  • Classroom Heroes empower children from JJS to march confidently toward their future filled with a love of learning and the tools to succeed. They don't have start kindergarten trying to play catch-up to their peers.


If you’re ready to put on your cape and join our league of Classroom Heroes, you can visit our Donate page and make your one-time or recurring gift of $2500! ($208.34 or more a month).

For more information about the Classroom Heroes program, please contact Danica at or 202-506-4607.

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