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An Extraordinarily Smooth Start

Updated: Sep 2, 2022

Jubilee JumpStart was closed to children and families for one week in August so our center and staff could prepare for the new school year. While our center was getting a makeover, teachers were getting a mental refresh and reconnecting with our mission, vision, and each other. At the center, every space got a few new coats of paint along with some serious decluttering and deep cleaning. Our friends from GlenLine Investments overhauled our outdoor spaces, installed our Little Free Library (woohoo!), and helped replace classroom shelving and furniture. Meanwhile, staff spent the week training, team building, problem-solving, and proactively planning to get things in motion on a smooth course. (We found some time together for happy hour and mini-golf too! Oh, what fun!)

On the first day of school, we were more ready than we'd ever been when children and families were welcomed with open arms and bright smiles into a fresh, new center.

"It's been an extraordinarily smooth transition into the new school year and I think it was because we had such a wonderful Teacher Work Week. I learned so much and, with the refresh to our center and classrooms, everybody came back to work with the right motivation and mindset," said full-time floater JillTraci King.

"The children are adjusting well to their new classrooms. Overall they seem happy and at peace," added Erica Dozier, toddler associate teacher.

Lead teacher Chanita Baker noted that "my little Tree Frogs are hopping into the swing of things quite nicely," as she softly rubbed the back of one of her napping younger two-year-olds. "We are excited, happy, and ready to go," exclaimed Alexus, associate teacher of the older two-year-olds. "I can! You can! We are the Toucans!" she cheered clapping her hands.

Children and parents are excited too! Former board member and new JJS parent, Natalie Grandison, is pleased with how at home her toddler Ruairi feels here.

Thank you GlenLine Investment and JJS staff and friends who helped us make the first week of school the safe, welcoming, and joy-filled plays that it is.

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