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Jubilee JumpStart in the News

Updated: Sep 30, 2022

Stop the press! Jubilee JumpStart made the news twice in September.

Did you get it? On September 9th, executive director Dee Dee Parker Wright's letter defending higher professional development standards for early childhood education teachers was published in the Letters to the Editor section of the Washington Post. Citing support Jubilee JumpStart and the city provide to help teachers meet those requirements, she explains how higher standards are a win-win for everyone. If you didn't get it you can read it here. On September 19th, PBS Newshour featured a segment highlighting how Jubilee JumpStart's partnership with the Greater DC Diaper Bank eases the burden of affording clean diapers for our parents and others in our community. Kia, mom of one-year-old Quetzal Azai, told her story of what this partnership has meant for her and her family. Many thanks to the Greater DC Diaper Bank for their partnership and for making a difference for so many families in the DMV. You can watch the full story here.

Jubilee JumpStart is committed to being a voice for children, families, and teachers in the Washington DC area. Stay tuned for more of us in the news as we continue to fight for equity and justice for the youngest amongst us and their caregivers.

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