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Many Thanks to Our Jubilee JoyStarters!

Few things bring us more joy than families who remain part of our family well after their children have moved on to new schools. Quite a handful of these alumni families, and a few wonderful JJS supporters, showed up in a big way as participants in our new Jubilee Joystarters event. These wonderful JoyStarters brought loads of holiday cheer for currently enrolled families in need of a little Christmas magic. They shopped, gifted wrapped, and dropped off items on our families' wishlists just in the nick of time for a merry and bright winter break.

Families were full of joy and gratitude for the outpouring of love and generosity from within the Jubilee JumpStart community. The Guzman's said it like this:

Hello! I wanted to let you know our deep gratitude for your beautiful work and your big heart, my family and I thank you very much for the gifts. We receive it with great affection, we ask God a lot for blessings on each one of you for stealing a smile from our faces and again infinite thanks!

We couldn't have said it better. We are filled with great affection and deepest gratitude for the alumni families and supporters who answered the call, aka our 2021 Jubilee JoyStarters!

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