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Introducing Our 2022 Hero of the Year - Gail Arnall!

Updated: Jun 4, 2022

What a pleasure it was introducing Jubilee JumpStart's Godmother-in-residence - Gail Arnall - as our 2022 Hero of the Year at our May 18th Heroes Ball.

It's not unusual to see Gail Arnall enter our center with a smile. Jubilee JumpStart is a beloved part of her story, and she is a beloved part of ours. She’s been part of our community since our founding, having helped launch our program with the Church of the Saviour, and later served of our original board members. She is a lifelong champion for social justice helping to break down barriers for children and youth in underserved communities. She is currently one of our Classroom Heroes as she continues to support and sustain us even in the lowest of moments by investing financially and connecting us with one community hero after another.

What fuels her fight for children in their earliest years? For some time, Gail served as Executive Director of Offender Aid and Restoration (OAR) in Arlington, VA, helping men and women transition to life after prison. Working with OAR solidified her belief that investing in children and their families is key to helping them stay on a positive trajectory in life. For Gail, supporting missions like ours just makes sense.

Gail’s entrepreneurial spirit, communications expertise, and ability to connect caring and smart people have helped organizations like the Family Place, the Potter’s House, HER Resiliency Center, the Festival Center, and of course, Jubilee JumpStart. While her title has changed many times, her heart has not. These are just a few reasons Gail Arnall was selected as our 2022 Hero of the Year.

Highlights of our 2nd Heroes Ball will be available on our event page soon.

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