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Preparing a Smooth Fall into the New School Year

Updated: Aug 15, 2022

Summer will soon blaze by, ushering a new school year in with the winds of autumn. Last Friday we said goodbye to our departing students and staff at our Annual Family Reunion celebration. It is an excellent time for old, new, and transitioning families to connect for food, fun, and fellowship in the summer sun.

We're also getting our center ready inside and out to welcome new and transitioning children and families. We're excited about refreshing our playground with new equipment and a new layout designed by our teacher leaders. We've been bursting at our seams for some time now. So we're thrilled to announce that we've acquired a new office and parent meeting space through a partnership with our next-door neighbor. While some of our team will move next door, we're updating the interior space of our current center with fresh paint and new furniture.

Not only are we expanding our space a little, but we're also adding to our staff by welcoming two new teachers. We proudly introduce you to Pamela Johnson and Gracie Ransom.

"I'm a naturally outgoing person who loves trying new things. I've always been an active person who likes doing things and I've always loved children." - Pamela Johnson, new Hummingbirds (infants) Teaching Assistant

A native Washingtonian and natural-born nurturer of young children, Pamela has cared for children most of her life, raising six children of her own and fostering several more. She made the decision that she wanted to spread her love for children beyond the walls of her home. She reached out to Jubilee Jobs and Jubilee Jobs knew just where to send her. When Pamela is not taking care of children she is doing things with her children and relatives like hosting a family game day, group bike rides and other activities that bring them all together. We couldn't be happier welcoming Pamela into our Jubilee JumpStart family.

"I'm from DC and love its culture and sense of community. I like how so many community-based organizations are giving back. When I learned about all the ways Jubilee JumpStart connects to and serves its community, I knew this was where I wanted to be." - Gracie Ransom, Tree Frogs Associate Teacher (young two-year-olds)

Photography is what led Gracie into the classroom. While studying to be a photojournalist she found that she loved using her camera to give children a platform to freely express themselves. This realization led her into the role of classroom aide, giving her more ways to ensure that children were being valued for who they are. Most recently, Gracie was a Pre-K STEAM teacher (science, tech, engineering, art & math) and loved creating and guiding her students through those activities. She is eager to share her STEAM knowledge and experience with Jubilee JumpStart children and teachers." Gracie, we can hardly wait!

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