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They're School Ready and It Shows!

Updated: Aug 15, 2022

Summer will soon be moving on, and with it, so will our students who are transitioning to big kid's school. Thankfully the early years at Jubilee JumpStart, including the summers, are all about helping children land on their feet when they finally take that leap.

Pre-K Tiger Ella is a prime example of a school-ready kindergartener. Ella was enrolled at Jubilee JumpStart as an infant in 2018. From that time until now Jubilee JumpStart, in partnership with mom Maria, has been on a mission to ensure that Ella has the foundation she needs to thrive and succeed through the pandemic and the years that would follow her time with us.

"She's been here her whole life so I know the transition will be tough," notes Maria, "but I know that she'll be ready. I know the care and education she's received here have set her up for success."

Here's what Ella's teacher, Adriana, had to say about it. "Ella and her peers are demonstrating their readiness every day. They have the social development to enter play with peers, show empathy, and resolve minor conflicts. They are using their language and vocabulary to vocalize their needs and wants appropriately. They have the cognitive and motor skills to meet some of their own basic needs like toileting, getting dressed to go outside, cleaning up after themselves, and helping others. They recognize letters and numbers and they know that the letters they see in books make words and that words have meaning." Most importantly they have the confidence to make build relationships with peers and caregivers, trusting that school is a safe space. "Transitions are hard in the beginning," notes Adriana, "but Ella and her friends know school to be a place where they are loved, respected, and encouraged, and where they are free to have fun while learning."

This is what school readiness looks like for children. Maria feels ready, too. "Jubilee JumpStart doesn't just believe in strong starts for children. They believe in strong starts for parents too. I've experienced that kind of support through programs like Parenting Journey. And through the relationships, they build with families." Maria knows that she and Ella will be fine. She knows what she wants for Ella and she knows what to expect and how to be a strong advocate for Ella throughout her academic years. She also knows that she and Ella will forever be part of the Jubilee JumpStart family.

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