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We're so grateful for big students too!

In this season of thanksgiving, we want to say how grateful we are for the return of interns and student workers who have committed to supporting our classrooms and offices this fall and winter!

We're always excited about our friends from Don Bosco Cristo Rey High School.

Alana (left) joins us on Mondays. She is always eager to help out in the front office. Every Wednesday Yajaira (pronounced Jah-HIGH-rah; right) loves to help out with communications and creative projects.

Through a new partnership with School Without Walls, Oona joins us as our center librarian making sure our families have a great selection of books to take home each week.

We're so happy to have a tradition of partnering every fall with students in the Literacy and Law class at Georgetown Law School. It means a lot to our Toucans (older two-year-olds) and Tigers (pre-k) that Cat, Cindy, Hannah G, Hannah Y, Maddy, and Sally come weekly to read and play literacy games with them.

Just goes to show that Jubilee JumpStart is a place for students of all ages. We love learning, working, growing, and sharing alongside each of them. We're grateful for their love and presence at Jubilee JumpStart.

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