2021 Heroes Ball

Frequently Asked Questions 

For many years, Jubilee JumpStart’s Building Block Breakfast helped both bring our community together and raise needed funds to help the organization sustain itself. However, in order to meet the current and future needs of the organization and our families, we needed to re-envision the kind of event we wanted to put on. If 2020 and 2021 has taught us anything, it is that JJS is blessed to be surrounded by heroes of all shapes and sizes. And we needed each of them to navigate the pandemic, economic crash, and still keep an eye on a brighter future.


To that end, we are excited to announce our new event - the Heroes Ball. Our new, nighttime event - a hybrid of in-person and virtual in 2021 - will be a celebration of the children, parents, and supporters who make Jubile JumpStart a thriving community. The event will be held in-person on May 26th over Zoom for supporters in DC and across the country. A small, live event will take place blocks away from the Center at the Line Hotel’s elegant terrace. 


As part of this new event, our children will remain the focus as well as their parents. We are delighted to also announce the launch of two new awards to spotlight some of the heroes among us.

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What is the Heroes Ball?

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Who is being honored and why?

During the Heroes Ball, we present two annual awards. The Hero of the Year recognizes an individual for their efforts helping young children and/or JJS specifically to grow and thrive. Our Community Heroes of the Year looks at a team (company, community group, church), working together, to impact similar change. We’re honored to recognize the following 2021 Honorees:


2021 Hero of the Year - Anne Peretz

Anne is a family therapist who, while working in two housing projects in the mid-1980’s, founded a program and organization now known as Parenting Journey. Peretz found she had a gift for reaching across generations, as well as across class, race, and ethnicity. Her life’s work, Parenting Journey, recognizes that systemic stressors such as poverty, substance use, trauma, domestic violence, and immigration impact the mental wellness and the care provided to children. It provides the space and resources to help parents realize and develop solutions that keep families together, thriving, while becoming stronger parents. It has expanded to over five hundred locations, reaching thousands of families and several thousand facilitators in the United States, Burundi, and Guatemala.


Jubilee JumpStart is proud to be a member of that Parenting Journey family. It is the cornerstone of our parent support work. Anne is not only the founder, but a caring member of our JJS community. She has supported us financially and through her invaluable wisdom for many years. 


Peretz has received awards and distinctions from prestigious organizations such as The Alliance for Mentally Ill of Massachusetts, Phillips Brooks Housing Association, Harvard University, On The Rise Inc., and from the cities of Somerville and Cambridge. She’s a legend. She’s a friend. She’s our Hero of the Year.


2021 Community Heroes of the Year - Families4Families (F4F) 

F4F is a nonprofit organization based in the DC metro area that provides food and other essentials to families in need. F4F started as a neighborhood initiative in March 2020 to support families in the DC area that were struggling due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Jubilee JumpStart was fortunate to be included as a nonprofit partner. Our families received countless bags of food and needed supplies throughout the darkest moments of the past year. Our student groups from Deal and Landon continue to support and inspire us with ongoing support. 

F4F quickly grew to 12 cities across the US during the summer. In the fall of 2020, F4F became an official 501c3 nonprofit organization and shifted gears to position middle and high school students at the forefront of the operation. F4F now oversees 23 student-led clubs in the DMV, as well as five affiliate chapters in other cities. To date, the F4F network has donated over 500,000 meals (and counting!) to families in need across the US. At its core, F4F is community itself. We are lucky to be part of this movement.

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What about COVID-19?

Even though more and more of us are getting access to the vaccine, we remain in the grips of this pandemic. This will still be true to some degree in May. So, our first Heroes Ball will be structured to allow sponsors, guests, parents, and other members of our extended community to participate virtually. Our in-person celebration will be small, safe, and outside. Only our honorees, program participants, and select parents and champions are able to attend in person because of DC’s safety restrictions. 


We are creating a virtual experience that will have the same joy and excitement as any in-person event. This way, we will have some energy for our Honorees to accept their award live and do so safely. It will also allow our extended community, including those excited about our honorees from across the county, to be part of the celebration. 

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How Can I Get Involved?

There are several ways for you to ensure the success of our first-ever Heroes Ball and continue Jubilee JumpStart’s path forward.


  • Sponsor, buy a ticket or give to our event. 

  • Join our Host Committee

  • Feel free to host your own Heroes Ball for a small group of friends and family - just remember to plan for safety first, last, and everything in-between.

  • Spread the word - because we’re virtual this year, we have the room for all! 

To learn more about any of these options to participate, please reach out to Danica Benson - dbenson@jubileejumpstart.org

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