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Inspiring Stories from Everyday Heroes

Updated: Dec 20, 2022

The evening started with stories about impactful things that happen at Jubilee JumpStart every day and the amazing heroes that bring life into it. We marveled at the resilience of this tiny little ground-floor center in Adams Morgan that drew strength from the courage and strength of its children, families, and staff to operate two years through a pandemic. Board members Tom Bartlett and Kelsey Neilson highlighted the bravery and motivational power of our children who "are not only the recipients of care and love, [but] the biggest givers of that care and love".

We were wowed by Nancy Martinez, a Jubilee JumpStart teacher who celebrated her 10th work anniversary at The Ball by telling her story of fighting through financial and health challenges to earn her teaching degree. Mission accomplished as she graduates this month!

"My proudest moment was my graduation," said Nancy. "I understand my students and their needs better and I've achieved one of my long-term goals. Jubilee JumpStart supported me each step of the way. I would not have achieved it without the support they gave me or their belief in me."

Pre-k parent, Maria Caiza, testified to the power of family support. This amazing mom told the harrowing tale of overcoming the obstacles of being a young single parent trying to achieve her academic and career success while providing a stable, nurturing home life for her daughter Ella. She credits the strength she gleaned from friendships made with other parents through JJS experiences like Parenting Journey for keeping her laser-focused on her goals.

Some Jubilee JumpStart children also shared a few words about being heroes. Listening to adults and staying on task may be among their challenges, but nothing diminishes their ability to fly, pack a powerful punch, or fill our hearts with courage, joy, and wonder.

[Update 12/20/2022 - Since this post was originally published Nancy Martinez has become a Teachstone Certified C.L.A.S.S. observer for toddlers, been promoted to Mentor Teacher, and passed her driving test! (Woo-hoo!) Though no longer at Jubilee JumpStart, Maria and Ella continue to grow and thrive and enjoy free books from our Little Free Library when they pass by our center.]

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