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Copy of Jubile JumpStart Visit Sept 2016



Paying for Enrollment:

Things to Know

Waitlist Process:

3 Things To Know

1. Being Placed

  • Jubilee JumpStart maintains a waitlist for all age groups when all enrollment spaces are currently full.

  • Completion of our waitlist registration form, accompanied by a $50.00 registration fee is required to be placed on the waitlist.

  • The information gathered from the waitlist registration form will assist us in determining a family’s placement on our waitlist.

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Waitlist Process
Copy of Jubile JumpStart Visit Sept 2016

2. Priority

  • In alignment with our Mission & Vision, Jubilee JumpStart reserves at least 65% of its enrollment for families eligible for subsidized child care.

  • Two separate waitlists are maintained, one for families paying full tuition and the other for families seeking subsidized child care.

  • Priority enrollment is given as follows:

1. Siblings of children already enrolled in Jubilee JumpStart
2. Residents of Jubilee Housing
3. Employees of Jubilee JumpStart
4. Employees of Jubilee Housing
5. Referrals from partner agencies
8. Alumni of Jubilee JumpStart
9. All others

3. Availability

  • Placement on the wait list does not guarantee that the center will be able to accommodate a family’s care needs at their desired time.

  • Space for new enrollments becomes available when a vacancy occurs in the appropriate age group due to a transition or withdrawal.

  • As space becomes available families are offered enrollment in order of their placement on the waitlist.

  • We have the largest number of available spaces in late August and early September.

Copy of Jubilee JumpStart General Photos


Copy of Jubilee JumpStart General Photos

Paying for Enrollment

After applying, you will follow to following steps to be added to our waitlist. 

Subsidy Eligibility Application

Copy of Jubile JumpStart Visit Sept 2016
  • Jubilee JumpStart is a Level II childcare provider and can conduct intake for parent(s)/guardian(s) in most non-TANF eligibility categories.

  • The information gathered from your waitlist registration form will serve as a pre-screening for eligibility in the subsidy program.

  • Once an offer of enrollment has been made Jubilee JumpStart will process subsidy eligibility applications for those in eligible categories.

  • TANF recipients must apply for subsidy eligibility through their TANF caseworker.

  • In some instances, the process will need to be completed at Child Care Services Division located at:

4001 South Capitol Street, SW.
Washington DC 20032

Estimated Income Guidelines

Screen Shot 2020-10-12 at 10.56.08

The following is only a guide to the income levels under which families may qualify for child care subsidy.

Please note that just because your income falls into the allowable scale does not guarantee that you will qualify for subsidy.

For more information regarding the child care subsidy program please visit:


Here are our monthly tuition rates effective 9/1/2020 - 8/31/2021

Hummingbirds & Quetzals (Infant & Toddlers) 


Tree Frogs & Toucans (2's) 


Free under PKEEP Grant 8:30 - 3:30

Tigers (Pre-K Enhancement & Expansion Program) ***Must be a Resident of DC

Tigers Pre-K Before & Aftercare


Tigers Pre-K Summer Camp 2021

$400 per week

Tuition rates are charged based on the classroom a child is enrolled in, not on their age. Tuition is charged regardless of absences and closures.

Parent Testimonials

Being at Jubilee JumpStart is like being welcomed into a family."

   - Jamika

"We love JJS. Our son loves JJS. He doesn't want to leave at night."         - Danielle

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