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What is March Into Reading?

Every March, our community comes together to foster a love for reading for our families and children. We aim to ensure that Jubilee JumpStart children have the resources they need, in school and at home, to develop the skills and confidence to succeed in kindergarten and beyond.

We offer in-person and virtual experiences for our family, friends, and community partners to enjoy the fun again this year. With your help, we'll all have a fun-filled month of literacy-focused fun!


All the fun runs this year from Monday, March 11th to Thursday, April 4th!

Who can participate and how?


Families, friends, community partners - everyone is welcome to participate. 

Read on to learn how. 

Be a JumpStar Reader. 

What's your favorite children's book?  We're sure our little ones would love to hear it. We invite our families, friends, and volunteers to become JumpStar Readers, share classic children's favorites, or introduce new ones with JJS kids.  Join us in person or virtually.  Click here to sign up.

Can't make it during school hours? Record yourself reading a bedtime story (or any time story) to one of your favorite young children, then tag us on social media. 

Help Build Home Libraries.

Help stock children's libraries at home with beloved books. Donate classroom favorites today to spread the joy of reading to children's homes. Click here to see each classroom's/age's favorites, or click here to go directly to our Amazon Book Wishlist. 

Volunteer at our Spring Literacy Festival.

We'll usher in Spring at our annual Literacy Festival on April 4, 2024, from 5-7 pm. It's a fun time for JJS parents and children to play together and enjoy various literacy games and activities. There will also be free books, free food, and other giveaways.  Come greet families, or help facilitate activities or book distributions at one of our stations. Do you have a dramatic flair? Help bring a beloved book to life with a theatrical reading. We invite our neighbors and partners to join us as volunteers or co-collaborators.

JJS Staff and Families, join  The Challenge! 

Jubilee JumpStart has a collective goal of reading 500 books and other literature during March into Reading. Any books you read to or with your child count toward our goal, but that's not all; read as many books, newspapers, magazines, essays, plays, manuals, etc, as you can and log them. Sorry, we don't consider social media posts and user comments literature, but almost anything else counts. If you haven't received a link to participate and start tracking by COB March 11th, email Danica.  You can track our progress here



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