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A Final Message of Gratitude and Growth

Dear Jubilee JumpStart family and friends,

Today is my final day as Executive Director. I depart with more gratitude and gifts than I can fully express -- and most importantly, the knowledge that in this moment, Jubilee JumpStart is opening a door to incredible new growth.

When we describe Jubilee JumpStart as a place “where everyone grows,” we literally mean everyone. I arrived in 2011 as our center was in the throes of early life itself – full of potential, joy, and struggle. Like any young being, JJS needed guidance, support, and resources to grow and to realize its foundational vision of deep care, high quality, and strong connections for children. I am awed by the growth I’ve witnessed throughout this beautiful learning community over the past twelve years, including:

Dee Dee (left) with Interim ED Jeanne Ellinport and a few Pre-K Tigers
Dee Dee (left) with Interim ED Jeanne Ellinport and a few Pre-K Tigers
  • Our precious children who lead by showing us every day how to explore and change,

  • Our parents and families who trust us with their babies and build meaningful relationships,

  • Our teachers and staff who bring their caring hearts and curious minds to work with children and families,

  • Our partners who join us in creating safe, nurturing, and equitable spaces for children and their caregivers,

  • Our Board of Directors who validate our work and create a path forward,

  • And our donors and supporters who generously engage in making our vision a reality.

I too have had the opportunity to grow as a leader and an individual here – and I am honored to have played a part in creating a culture of providing children with the highest quality in every way, caring for caregivers, and welcoming the community into our mission. It is with complete confidence that Jubilee JumpStart’s impact will grow even more on the other side of this doorway that I can walk through it myself.

Jubilee JumpStart is gifted with leadership that will ably carry our vision and work forward, including our Board of Directors, our Deputy Director, Dominique Spencer, and our Interim Executive Director, Jeanne Ellinport. Thank you for supporting and partnering with them in all of the amazing ways you have during my tenure.

Jubilee JumpStart has been so fortunate to be able to grow amidst a community that needed us, cared for us, and shared our dreams. I leave grateful for each one of you, and overjoyed that our community will continue to make JJS a place where everyone grows.

With endless hope and gratitude,

Dee Dee Parker Wright



Kelsey Nielson, Chairperson of our Board of Directors

Over the last 12 years, Dee Dee has led Jubilee JumpStart from its earliest days as an early childhood center to a city leader in early education quality, family support, and teacher development. Jubilee JumpStart certainly wouldn't be where it is today without her. And, Dee Dee is leaving Jubilee JumpStart in the same manner that she led it -- with an eye toward how best to support the children, families, teachers, and community partners who rely on us. Over the past few weeks, she has introduced our interim Executive Director, Jeanne Ellinport, to all things JJS. As board chair, I am excited to see Jeanne jumping right into understanding who we are and what makes us special, while also pushing us to look to the future of the center. We look forward to fully introducing Jeanne in next week's newsletter. Jeanne will be in touch with you soon and you can reach her at

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