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A Shift That Strengthens Our Support For Families

We are pleased to announce that Danica Benson is transitioning into the role of Family Support & Community Engagement Manager. Danica is passionate about building strong relationships with our families and the community. Through her career prior to coming to Jubilee Jumpstart and her 11 years at JJS, Danica has developed a well-rounded understanding of the needs of families with young children. In this role, Danica will leverage her experience in education and human development and her commitment to social justice and community impact to ensure that the work of helping families of enrolled children at JJS receive the care and access to resources they need to thrive and reach important milestones alongside their children.

Danica will begin reaching out to all JJS families this week and will meet with each family throughout the summer. She is looking forward to a year robust with opportunities for friends and partners in the community to join us as we continue strengthening our education program and work with families at a deeper level to connect them to resources needed to move forward healthy and whole. This transition positions Jubilee JumpStart to equip parents and children with the tools they'll need to meet the challenges of school and life beyond their time at Jubilee JumpStart with greater impact.

Danica Benson joined Jubilee JumpStart as an ECE teacher from 2012 to 2018 and served as our Communications and Development Coordinator from 2018 to 2023. She holds a BA in Mass Communications from Towson University, has completed some graduate coursework in early childhood education, and plans to begin working towards earning her MSW within the coming year.

JJS Families, be on the lookout for direct communication from Danica soon.

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