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Honoring Hispanic Heritage at Jubilee JumpStart

Updated: Nov 9, 2021

Our Latin American Teachers were delighted to share stories, music, and food from their native homes with our families and staff during the Hispanic Heritage Month.

Quetzals Teacher Amarillis of Guatemala got us going with pan de queso, poetry, and the Merengue. Then Ms. Juana, our food service coordinator, took us to the Dominican Republic with flan and other delectables as she talked about the food and customs of the island. Hummingbirds Teacher Doris even brought Quetzal Zoe (toddler) to El Salvador through a thrilling tour for her tastebuds. Our newest substitute teacher and Toucan parent Elsa introduced parents and staff to Honduras with her own homemade treats. Hummingbird Teachers Ms. Asela and Ms. Lidia closed brought us back through Mexico with a festive lunchtime spread.

Jubilee JumpStart is grateful for all of our staff and their enthusiasm for sharing their hearts, homes, and heritage with the whole Jubilee JumpStart family.

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