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Jubilee JumpStart is just one of a few.

Updated: Mar 6, 2023

According to, of 378 licensed center-based childcare centers in the District of Columbia, only 33 offer programming or support in Spanish. Only 27 participate in OSSE’s Pre-K Enhancement and Expansion Program (PKEEP), a multifaceted program designed to ensure access to free universal Pre-K for all DC children so they can start kindergarten school-ready. And only 31 are part of the Early Learning Quality Improvement Network (QIN), which helps strengthen the quality of neighborhood-based programs through resources that enhance educational, health, behavioral, and family support initiatives.

Jubilee JumpStart was conceived to serve the needs of its surrounding community and has been a dual language program serving English and Spanish-speaking households in their native tongue since its inception in 2009. Our pre-k program has participated in PKEEP since its beginning in 2010. We were one of the first to join QIN in 2015. Jubilee JumpStart continues to grow with our children and families, maintaining community partnerships that reinforce our mission and goals and continuously assessing and refining our program and services along the way.

Jubilee JumpStart is proud to have helped over 400 children and families to access quality early learning and achieve strong starts in school and life for nearly 14 years. We couldn’t have done this without supporters like you. Your support makes it possible to remain focused on our mission and the community we serve. Your support helps us maintain our commitment to providing rich, high-quality programs for our children and families. We know that, with your support, we will continue to thrive as we move forward, positioning ourselves for greater impact in the years to come. Thank you for sticking with us!

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