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Jubilee JumpStart Welcomes Xiomara Flores

Jubilee JumpStart grows stronger every day. In this season of transition and restructuring, we are strengthening every aspect of our operations -including our front office operations. Xiomara joins our team as our Operations Assistant and plays a major role in supporting those efforts. She brings with her years of experience supporting front-office operations and she is eager to help us streamline our business functions.

I am a mother and family means everything to me. I want to make a positive change for my family and the community. I realize that life isn't all about me. [It's] also about helping others because we are all in need of something in these hard times. I chose JJS because of its mission and vision. JJS is the perfect environment for me to stand on that mission and vision. I'm proud to now be a part of, growing and learning with, and coming up with innovative ways to better serve the JJS community.

You've come to the right place, Xiomara! Family means everything to Jubilee JumpStart too, because we know strong and stable families make the best environments for children to grow and thrive. We're so glad to have you on our team.

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