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Honoring the Life and Legacy of Diane Bernstein

Updated: Jun 4, 2022

We’re here for a very short time, and we’re here to support other people, to give them love, to put ourselves in their places, and to help where we can. – Diane Bernstein

It was our great honor to celebrate the life and legacy of Diane Bernstein on May 18th at our Heroes Ball.

For 10 years, Diane was a joyful champion of Jubilee JumpStart, supporting us in our toughest moments and our most exciting growth. Diane saw the work in philanthropy as an extension of herself and she defined philanthropy as giving of ourselves and resources to make things better for others.

We lost this dear friend in 2021, but her lifetime of support and advocacy for children lives on. Her accomplishments include various programs she's started at Children's National Medical Center, such as the Department of Child Life which creates positive experiences for families and promotes positive coping through play, self-expression, and child-centered medical preparation and education. Much of the work throughout her career impacted programs serving the most vulnerable children in the region.

One thing that connected her so closely to Jubilee JumpStart was her understanding and early championing of how childcare centers are at their best when they support parents and families while supporting the development of children. This way, every child receives the stable, loving care and learning they deserve at home and school.

Diane was a lifelong activist. Her activism sometimes got her into “good trouble”, like when she was arrested and jailed briefly in 2011 while protesting for DC voting rights. But above all, it was her love for all children that gave fire to her enormous spirit.

She generously shared her wisdom, energy, resources, and courage to support and stand up for children and families throughout her life in many ways. We celebrate Diane by carrying forward that spirit to meet today's challenges and beyond.

Jubilee JumpStart thanks Maria Gomez, of Mary’s Center, for highlighting for us why celebrating Diane Bernstein’s legacy of advocacy and action on behalf of women and children means so much. Many blessings and much appreciation to the Bernstein Family and to Kelly Lynch and the Diane and Norman Bernstein Foundation for allowing us the honor of paying tribute to this dear friend and dedicated supporter of Jubilee JumpStart.

More on the 2022 Heroes Ball will be available soon on the event page of our website.

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