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You're Vital to Our Community and Our School Year

Updated: Sep 2, 2022

It’s back to school time at Jubilee JumpStart! Our young learners are moving up to their new classrooms and JJS teachers are greeting children with big smiles and hugs.

Jacob is one of our student is a big kid in the Pre-K classroom now! Jacob became a part of the Jubilee JumpStart community when he was just an infant. His mom, I’isha, lives nearby in Jubilee Housing. Jacob was born prematurely and she was scared of leaving him anywhere outside their home. I’isha was quickly put at ease at Jubilee JumpStart because of the love and care she felt for her and Jacob. I’isha struggled with her own health during his early years and was frequently in the hospital. JJS provided the encouragement and support she needed – calling to check on her at the hospital, helping get Jacob to and from school, and more. I’isha says “I never had to worry about where Jacob would be or if he was okay.”

Through the pandemic, she and Jacob never felt alone during this difficult time, even when the center was closed. They met virtually with teachers, received groceries from our outdoor market, and were appreciative of Jubilee JumpStart’s commitment to health and safety when reopening the center.

Jubilee JumpStart is a community – our children, families, and teachers come together every day with one vision: Being a place where everyone grows. As an organization, we have always been focused on multigenerational care of children and parents. This focus has allowed us to build a community that provides deep support for each other extended to ensuring our teachers are cared for as well.

The pandemic might be easing, but its effects are still with us. Young children like Jacob have lived their full lives under COVID-19 restrictions and continue to have difficulty adjusting to classroom environments. Families are rebuilding from unemployment and illness. Teachers are recovering from the incredible demands their profession has required of them as essential, front-line workers enabling our parents to work and our children to learn.

Jubilee JumpStart is proud to have built a workplace in which our retention rate is over 90%, particularly while the childcare sector is struggling with staffing. We support teachers by ensuring a high ratio of staff to students, adequate planning and mentoring time, increased support for their students, continuing education subsidies, paid leave, and flexible schedules for staff to attend college.

This year, we need your help as we continue to walk with our families through the challenges they face into strong, healthy futures. Your support of $1,500, $1,000, $500, $100 or $50 will ensure Jubilee JumpStart can provide exceptional early childhood learning and care, continue to help meet their basic needs and parenting growth, and support teachers in realizing their professional goals through continuing education.

Thank YOU for being a vital part of the Jubilee JumpStart community.

By sharing your financial resources within the community, you ensure that everyone who needs care receives it. Thank you for joining us as we head back to school!

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