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The 2nd Annual Heroes Ball: A Smashing Success!

Updated: Jun 3, 2022

Everything was LIVE at the Hamilton during our Heroes Ball. The band was jumping. The sushi boat was rocking. Jubilee JumpStart family and friends, normally hidden in plain sight under the guise of their day jobs, donned their capes and masks revealing themselves as the superheroes they are.

The atmosphere was full of hope and inspiration. We were thankful to have met our $75,000 minimum goal before the night began. Yet the shadow of being just shy of our intended finish line weighed on us.

A call to action was sent out from the podium. "Let us find our inner hero, let's be like Diane and Gail, and help Jubilee JumpStart reach the $100,000 mark," cried Maria Gomez, long-time and now former Executive Director of the nonprofit Mary's Center. And then Maria declared that she will give and become a Silver Hero sponsor to kick things off. Shortly thereafter, The Diane and Norman Bernstein Foundation swooped in with a mighty match - doubling the impact any gift made to help us reach our goal. The heroes suited up, opened their hearts... and their wallets. By the next day, with the match, we had raised a total of $115,000 from this year's Heroes Ball!

Our 2022 Heroes Ball couldn't have been the smashing success it was without our amazing sponsors, guests, and supporters! It's hard to find the words to express the impact the night had on us. So we'll just leave it at

In case you missed it or just can't get enough (like us), we've included a few pics from the night here:

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