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What a Magnificent March Into Reading

Updated: Apr 3, 2023

(Hover and click the circle with arrows in top right of grid to enlarge and scroll.) From the top left, JJS Board Member Lesley Chavkin visits to read to infants; Jubilee Housing's Miya Gaskins reads and makes "Bubble Magic" for two-year-old Tree Frogs; PNC volunteers organize our center's library and unpacks new classroom materials; our JumpStart friends really livened things up at our Spring Literacy Festival with games and a puppet show while our Junior League of Washington made sure every family left with a nice supply of books to keep the reading fun going.

Springtime means blooming flowers; at JJS, it means blooming readers.Throughout March, Jubilee JumpStart children enjoyed in-person connections with special JumpStar Readers thanks to our friends at PNC, Jubilee Housing, the Diane & Norman Bernstein Foundation, board and family members, and longtime JJS friends who came by to share favorite stories with them. Teachers extended the experiences with captivating learning activities built on classroom favorites. Thanks to Michael Lainoff and Kathryn Kincaid of the Lainoff Family Foundation and a few other friends, we had plenty of new books to add to our families' home libraries.

We wrapped everything up with our Spring Family Literacy Festival on March 31st. Our friends from JumpStart (George Washington University) made it magical as their volunteers helped our teachers deliver entertaining literacy-focused family activities in each of our classrooms. JumpStart closed out our festival with a puppet show. What a lovely evening of joy and camaraderie to complete our March Into Reading story.

Thank you to our families, friends, corporate partners, and neighbors who made it a magnificent March!

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